Dawlish 31.8.18


Feels like a return to Summer today – soaring temperatures, the sun already hot at 9.30 and everyone out making the most of the end of Summer. The final fling.

Met another SWCP walker this morning, Adam from Bridport, big in a second row rugby player way with a black beard, a baseball cap, ray bans and a gentle Dorset voice.  We were both getting the small ferry from Exmouth across the river to continue the path. He was looking to complete the path in 3 weeks. Yesterday alone he walked 34 miles, the first leg from Bridport (I wasn’t going to be the one who told him that the path actually starts at Studland. I guess he knows that). He’d stopped yesterday at 9.30, slept on a bench then started again this morning at 5am. I asked him about food and he produced a transparent plastic bag full of a strange mix of nuts, seeds and blue M and Ms. He told me about how it contained “electrolytes to help with rehydration”. I nodded sagely. He also had an app for the whole route and a water fill up app to show you where you can fill your water bottle. I normally go into pubs, toilets or just ask people who live en route.

I admitted that so far it had taken me two years and 1 month to walk about 115 miles and added how I liked to stop off for swims and the odd pint. As always in my own mind it’s about the journey not the achievement. Pleasure over self improvement.

We fell into silence after about 5 minutes and I wished him luck as I peeled off (the path then clothes) to go for my first dip of the day.


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