Somerset 1.9.18

Farewell Summer. It’s been most excellent but as always it’s flown past. I forget how lucky I am to have so much free time but now I feel like I’m treading water, waiting for whatever will happen next. That’s why I’m updating this so regularly.

Feeling good not to be drinking at the moment. Not even a beer in the evening. Up at 8.30 on a Saturday and slept reasonably well. Woke feeling buzzy, so much so it forced me out of bed. A shower (like my swims) always makes me feel refreshed and calmer. Just been reading various articles about ‘adrenal fatigue’. It was only coined for the first time in 1998 and according to The Daily Mail (!) “According to the British Thyroid Foundation, there is no recognised medical condition called ‘adrenal fatigue”. It seems to be something which GPs can’t test for and perhaps are also cynical about. It is only naturopaths who diagnose it (that’ll be Emma who supplies the supplements, although I  believe in her and she has totally sorted out T). Also, mostly the symptoms cited in the articles are tiredness – the adrenal glands underperforming – not the hyper state I experience which prevents sleep. Does this matter? Only in so much as not knowing what’s wrong with me and inevitably wondering if there’s something else that hasn’t been discovered yet. Then I start thinking about how long it’s been going on (15 years on and off?) and all the different diagnoses and treatments I’ve tried. I tend to forget the minutiae of actually what the expert in each instance told me. Yes, it’s an overactive ‘fight or flight response’ possibly / probably caused by work  stress and most likely exacerbated by caffeine / alcohol / cigarettes (most acutely) / drugs. This I know from years of experience of cause and effect so perhaps I don’t need medical confirmation but it’d be nice to know – I wonder if it’ll ever get better – but for now I can really help myself through some lifestyle choices.

Sis and R are at End of the Road Festival today while Gwen is at the Downs Festival, just a short walk from the flat. Over the course of a year I’ve suddenly lost interest in festivals. Once it was cool and suddenly I find it all a bit contrived, a bit passé. Perhaps I’m just a bit middle aged. Well, that helps when it comes to improving my circumstances but how I still love a good mashup, often on my own, always involving music, normally involving my own music. It’s hard to beat. But the fallout IS NOT.

As if to prove how middle aged I am I have spent the whole day listening to Test Match Special at the 4th test v India at the Rose Bowl. I love it. Who needs a ‘rock’ festival?? As Jonathan Agnew alluded to last week, TMS is company, it’s the group of people there in the background for a lot of people because they broadcast all day. This was in response to Patrick Taylor’s email about TMS being there for his father in his last hours as he was dying from Leukemia. I also listened earlier to JA’s View from the Boundary (a half hour interview) with Chris Evans, two very different broadcasters, both a bit uncomfortable, probably aware of the other’s prowess in their own field but also just not quite on the same page. Once again Agnew cites radio’s ability to “reach out and touch people” which you can’t get with TV. Quite.

It’ll be another one of those days where I don’t see or speak to anyone. The phone just rang and gave me a real shock. It was a recorded message about home insurance. It reminded me of a Heineken advert back in the Eighties – a man in a suit walks down a sweeping corridor in a super modern building while a phone rings in the background. He passes the office from where the phone is ringing and ventures in, surprised at the dust and the extent to which the room has been neglected. Answering the phone he says “No, sorry this is (rubbing dust off the front of the phone) 27883. That’s all right. Bye” He walks out of the door looking bemused and as he closes the door the camera closes on to the sign on the door “Heineken Customer Complaints”. Need to walk.



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