Bristol 6.9.18

Glauber is back this week for an interview at Bristol University to further his research into tropical diseases. It’s a big call for him. Live here to further his career / project but he’ll be poorer here relatively and a long way from his daughter, Gabbi, and his girlfriend(s). I’d love him to be here.

The 4 of us went to the Alma, a rare mix if ever there was one, but always funny: Nick, the eldest and rudest, dispensing with niceties immediately:

Agus: ” Well I wouldn’t care what you think”.

Nick: “Nor would I you Basque prick”. Totally unnecessary but deliberately not caring what he says. They both love him for it. Reminders of an exchange in the same pub at the same table:

“You English are so fucking polite.”

“You Spanish are so fucking passionate.”

Anyway, good luck to G. We’re here for him if he gets it.

I also enjoy living with A. He is the least complicated flatmate I’ve ever had.



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