Bristol 9th May Later

Usual evening. Cup of tea getting cold. Newsnight.  ‘If we stop Brexit how do we get..? What is your policy on Brexit? Where do we go from here? (The question on everyone’s lips). I wonder if there is a competition on the biggest sleeping bags (eye bags). Teresa May’s are incredible in their proportion and how they’ve increased in size as she has does done such a long standing job of maintaining the negotiations (probably another record that she must win). I talk with some experience about this. Mine are mostly there – normally a pale grey in contrast with the rouge/brown of my face but hopefully not quite at the stage of that half blown up camp mattress hung like bag hammocks. Or not yet.

I can’t help that she’s the new knub – the tit – who’s walked the long path up to the mass of  the seniors in the Brussels Common Room with the thought that she won’t be debagged and held upside down. Even the 13 year old innocent would have the guile to try somethimg different if they’re made to return, but not her. Burns’ philosophy of ‘If you don’t first succeed..’ seems to have been her go to position. But not to change suggests suggests trauma or stupidity. I need to speak to Bris people. I’ve been hopeless. Are we in a divided society? The fact I don’t which is worse.c  and seeing people’s reactions seem to lend credence to it but I am becoming more and more cynical about what the real facts are. I’m not jumping om the ‘fake truth’ bandwagon. It’s another sympton of reaching middle age. The cynicism seems to grow very gradually. And to be honest, it feels like there is a certain ‘charge’ to the polititical climate but how strongly do people feel? How entrenched are they in their positions? How much has it made people become passionate and protective of their position? How much has it created a sense of otherness or dislike for the other side? ( I hope not). What I do know is people don’t like feeling cheated and if the 52% don’t feel like they have their decision honoured then that causes bitterness or worse. And that could create unrest. We are bound to change. Our country – and by that I mean our standing, our relevance, or influence, our power – seem to be open to question and  I think we’ll still have something. We have a lot going for us. But we will have lost out. We have economically and – under May – our reputation, the old respect has diminished. We will be weaker. And there will be a lot rebuilding. I hope this will be for the better.


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