Bristol March 19th

Things are moving on apace as the virus is gaining momentum. Yesterday the announcement was made that all schools would be closed down indefinitely as of tomorrow. Boris Johnson has said this afternoon that they hope they can ‘turn the tide’ in the fight against Coronavirus in 12 weeks. That’s ‘hope’. Realistically I might not be going back to school now until late in the Summer term. Perhaps even later. Until today I have felt liberated and I am lucky I don’t have family in this situation but the reality of how long we are going to have to limit social contact for is just sinking in. And about that – how limited should our social contact have to be? So many unknowns.

I have to feel slightly pleased with myself that after all this time I’ve found a lover just in the nick of time. It’s like those stories of people getting together during wartime. Imagine going on a date now. I think not. As I said to her last night ‘We can self isolate together.’ That’s something to look forward to. I hope to see my other friends too: Hank, Was, Farhad, Gwen, etc but one to one is probably the best option. And Nick is always nearby. It’s almost like we live together anyway. We had a cup of tea with each other earlier on and discussed the fall in the markets followed by post-menopausal sex.

If I’m not going to be teaching (although I have contacted people today about doing remote teaching via Zoom) and I don’t have any dependents this is a huge opportunity for me to write and to interview / hear people’s stories about how they’re coping with the situation: community spirit or not, empty supermarket shelves, small businesses coping or not, pockets of resistance, what people are doing at home, how people are connecting online, people’s new regimes – exercise, playing music, games. There are so many potential stories out there which could make good reading in the future. I just have to be judicious in how many people I see and to keep my distance from them. For mum and dad’s sake. I have to say I’m not looking forward to going home that much tomorrow. Rog won’t be coming over and Tom and Miki, Bella, Oli and Gordana are self isolating for 12 weeks at Glemham. Bella has diabetes so I totally understand. That’s a good way for him to stay off the gak!

Oh well. Time to turn on C4 news and watch the PM’s update. Bye for now and as I keep hearing ‘Stay safe’…

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