Somerset April 8th

12.15am April 8th

Watching the ‘pink moon’ – the April full moon through the landing window above the old roof of my neighbours house.

Mostly obscured by clouds but frequently the unmistakable sphere is present behind what looks like slow moving black smoke.

It is absolutely silent. Probably would be anyway but silence amplified by lockdown. It is eerie. I strain my ears to hear something but there is nothing. The moon whose sorrowful face has witnessed many a human tragedy like the one we live through now. Nature carries on regardless.

I can hear a solitary and distant sheep calling to its lamb, the first a constant low sound, the second a higher more urgent cry. The needy cry of an infant for its mother.

Now the moonlight is backlighting the clouds like the sun does during the day allowing me to imagine a separate world in the heavens. It’s like a film set. And now the grey has covered all.

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