Covid Diaries January

January 19th 2021

Found it difficult getting up this morning. Sore back and sweated a lot in the night. Pills? Possibly. Took a fair few over the weekend and drank a lot. No sleeping pills last night but probably still feeling residual effects from the weekend. Let’s see how I get on tonight.

Once I’m showered I always feel better. In fact I think I’ve always been like this. Never any good in the morning – much preferring the night. Even then I don’t feel happy until something has been accomplished.

First renew the tenancy agreement with Agnes – my tenant – who wants to stay another 6 months at the flat in Acton. This is good news – can’t afford to have someone baling out now. I expect she feels the same. This isn’t satisfactory enough to make me feel like the day is started.

My friend, Imilia’s brother Alex wrote to me yesterday because I said I’d help him with promotion for his music. He is talented. He creates good and funny hip hop with an old skool flavour. Happy to help him because I like it so wrote him a long email with advice on how to write his website and how to use his social media presence. What do I know? I hate social media. I do know, though. I hope he makes it (whatever that means) or gets what he wants from it. The rest of the time he’s a Sainsbury’s delivery driver. It helps me because it’s another idea for an article – an interview which the local news outlets might take. Let’s see.

Then I started the penultimate assessment in my freelance journalism course. It’s embarrassing how long it’s taken now. I’ve just left it. Must get on and finish it. In fact had a really good idea for a radio broadcast – something which makes a positive from the rule where we can meet one person for a walk in our ‘local’ area. It’s like a spin-off of Ramblings, the R4 programme, where Clare Balding walks with a known person and they talk. This would be a meet-up with interesting people from my local area (Clifton) then an interview about their story, association with the area and also taking a point of interest in that one of us would not know about already. Having written the treatment for this I started to feel like my day was getting started. Why do I feel like I have to achieve something to feel happy every day? I suppose it’s not a bad thing.


Met Imilia at 2 and this would be a good test – a live pilot for the first show. We met at Canynge Square, a beautiful Georgian Square hidden in the back streets of Clifton. She’s just moved there. It’s a long thing triangle, more than a square. At one end a huge sinkhole suddenly appeared on Decemeber 26th and a big oak tree has dropped a good 20 to 30 feet into what looks like a medieval cellar underground. Apparently, the cellar was known about and wasn’t connected to any of the houses around the square although they do have their own more recent cellars.

Anyway, I broached the idea and she said she’d be up for doing it. A talk about Canynge Square and the sinkhole? Sounds good. Probably need a bit more info from a local about the history of Canynge Square.

Finally, had a nice date last night. In my bedroom (of course). That sounds mad doesn’t it? Both of us got dressed up and then I video called her and we chatted over our phones. Weird bit becoming quite normal now. As I said to her afterwards ‘How are we supposed to hold our phones?’

We were on the line for an hour and she seems cool. Her name is Joanna and she is a teacher. She lives in Redfield. Next time we’ll try a real meet-up! A walk of course! Hopefully on the weekend….

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