Covid Diaries January

Jan 20th, Clifton.

Trump has gone. What a relief. A tumultuous 4 years come to an end and he’s still behaving in the most ungracious, uncivilised manner to the bitter end, today refusing to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration (the first since Nixon), having his own ‘departure’ ceremony in Maryland and demanding to take Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Florida. And none of this is a patch on his refusal to accept the democratic decision of the American people to vote him out and, worse, him inciting the mob to attack Congress on January 6th. He is the first president ever to be impeached twice and surely will go down in history as one of or if not the absolute worst.

His farewell speech was typical Trump: self-congratulatory, arrogant and factually incorrect or skewed. He promised (or threatened) that we would be back ‘in some form’ but I really can’t see that happening. Even with 75 million votes in the last election, the Republican Party have finally started to distance themselves from him and surely the people of America must want some stability now, not the divisive, hate-filled politics that he represents.

Biden got sworn in at about 5pm GMT and his tone and style and words were such a blessed relief after the bullshit rhetoric of the last 4 years. As my sister put it the other day ‘at last it feels like there’s an adult back in the room.’

Biden took a conciliatory tone, clearly seeking to unite a totally divided nation. ‘Unity’ and ‘democracy’ were key words emphasised as ex-presidents, dignatories, etc behind him in masks nodded. There were some great moments and it suddenly reinforced how much we’ve missed good, sensible rhetoric.

‘We must end this uncivil war’.

On the elections ‘That’s democracy. That’s America. The right to dissent peaceably.’

What a job he now has before him and let’s hope nothing horrendous happens in the next week as was predicted by a senior member on the World at One, who warned of a very real threat of homegrown terrorism.

More rain. More nothingness but I seem to love it. The strangeness of it. I seem to be in a little bubble, my mind intoxicated by the strangeness like being stoned in a new place or walking out in snow, I have a real genuine sense of joy in my daily life and surroundings. Definitely helped by Jade too. I think she’ll leave in March but I hope later. She said The Summer, at which point I must look for a one bed flat. In the meantime, carpe diem…

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